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Work Woes

August 12th, 2013 at 02:47 pm

Well, I'm up at 1:40 in the morning because of work. We had a meeting with a big client today, and things did not go well.

We're involved in a huge project, and since we're the electrical group, we're always the last ones to finish. Mainly, this is because we cannot start until everyone else is finished. For illustration, think about a house being built: You can't pull wire until the walls and roof are up, and you can't hang fixtures until the drywall and painting are done. It's the same, but different, on large industrial projects.

We're at the final push on this large project. Since "everyone else" is done, electrical is being told we have to finish everything ahead of schedule to keep the entire project on schedule.

I'm up early to work out team schedules to see if we can do three weeks of work in one week. I'm not extremely optimistic, but if I can come close, then we'll be heroes.

I'm not expecting to be heroes. We were given a very large part of the project on 25 July because the shipyard abdicated the ability to finish it in time. They've been working on it since March. We have to have it done and tested on the 22nd; less than a month in total.

The real problem with this is that even if we finish on time, we'll get no recognition for it. And the reason I'm actually upset? I was lied to by the client's project manager. It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut and not call him out on it. I guess this is why they pay me to do this job. There's no way I'd do it for free.

1 Responses to “Work Woes”

  1. stoney508 Says:

    I went to college for construction manangement and switched to industial management for a couple reasons and I haven't gotten to the point in my career where I have these issues but I have seen problems like this where I work. I gained my Six Sigma Green Belt on a project but all I got in response when I was looking to grow into a "better job" position. All I got was why did it take so long to complete. I understand why they wanted to project to be done faster but I also stand by why it took so long. If things take time to complete sometimes it matters for the quality of the end product as well as every stone being unturned. This may not pertain exactly for what you have stated but I believe it has some things that relate. Time is very valuable to people as well as business and sometimes quality is sacrificed for being "timely" but the best thing is to try to convey the fact that quality and reliability are always worth more than something that can be done in month that needs constant repair instead of a project that takes 3 months that will not have to be visited again.

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