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November begins

November 3rd, 2012 at 10:10 am

I'm heading back to the States for a few days to catch up on some personal business and grab some "can't get them over here" items... well that's not quite true. You can get ANYTHING in Dubai, but the shipping costs are often more than the item is worth. So, I'm grabbing some low-dollar items while I'm back.

The main reason for the return is some house maintenance. The Son-in-law isn't the most handy of individuals, so I'm going to put in a peep hole as well as find out where the vermin droppings are coming from. I sealed the house very well, and treated the attic with boric acid powder, so there shouldn't be any insects, but it is Texas, and that means there are always bugs. Daughter has gone from the droppings from rats, to mice, to maybe roaches... I'm wondering if it isn't something else altogether. In any case, though, I'll make sure there are no new holes in the walls or siding and also make sure any other minor things are taken care of.

We're moving within Dubai, so we've spent the last couple of weeks looking for places. Right now, we're kind of partial to the Palm Jumeirah, but we may end up in the Marina. There's more to do in the Marina, but the Palm has better traffic. We'll find out when we decide, I guess.

Daughter and SIL are going to be coming out in December. We've set aside some money that we plan to "waste" while they're here. This will likely be their only chance to visit us for a year or more, and it is quite likely that wife and I will return to the US before they come again. We want to certainly do the desert safari and probably a lot of sightseeing such as going up in the Burj Khalifa just so we can take pictures. Daughter is a published photographer, so I'm certain that photography will be high on her list while she's over here.

6 Responses to “November begins”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Have a safe trip!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    We discovered a bat hanging out in our front porch this summer. There were droppings from it, looked very similar to mice droppings. They might like the warm attic of Texas this time of year.

  3. Wino Says:

    If it is bats, then it's definitely going to be exterminator time. I don't know how it could get in, though. I put Hardee plank on as siding, and I've never drilled even a single hole in it. There are some soffit vents around that I'll have to check to make sure nothing has made its own entrance, but if something has come through the siding, it must have power tools. Has anyone seen Pinky or the Brain lately? They might be rodents that have power tools.

  4. SecretarySaving Says:

    I'm in Houston. Well, I live in Katy and work downtown (oil and gas industry as well). I thought I had mice too. I saw some droppings in my kitchen area by the sink. I was mistaken. It was droppings from Texas sized wood roaches. The scary ones that fly. Now that winter is here they are gone.

  5. Wino Says:

    The mystery will endure. I had to cancel or at least postpone my trip, so I won't know for at least another week. The DD tends to exaggerate these things, but as they've seen nothing that might be the source, I'll just have to find out when I finally get the chance. I used to live in Katy, and for a couple of years out in Sealy. The I10 construction caused me to move near town around 2005. I'm never moving back to the suburbs. My commute, on bad days, was about 15 minutes. In Cinco Ranch, it can take 15 minutes just to get to I10.

  6. Jerry Says:

    I can totally relate to getting things when back in the States, and it leads me to have an extra (empty) bag of luggage specifically for that purpose on trips there! It offers some insurance against those crazy shipping costs -- even if you find a good deal online it can be completely eaten up in shipping.

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